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02 November 2009 @ 08:54 am
i wonder if somewhere along our evolutionary way there began an attempt to breed the 'fight' out of women.

someone seems to have decided somewhere that the 'docile' woman was preferable and therefore where the ones to marry and breed ... very often the 'strong' ones don't breed as much, as such ... and why is it that being docile was preferable in the first place? feminism would say it is to dominate the female species ... but ... really?

strong women ... strong men ... huh ...

my thoughts aren't really focused here ... just an idea that popped up randomly while i was shaving my legs.
20 October 2009 @ 07:43 am
" ... scraps of stuff and a few eyes that don't have any attachments to outcomes ... "

the freedom that comes without attachments to outcomes or 'lowered' expectations [or NO expectations]


yet, there seems to be more than living in 'the now' because the potential in/of the future always exists ...
so how does one look into, and plan for, the future without expectations and attachment to outcomes?

i think i may have just realised something of this for myself ... want to hear what your thoughts ...
21 September 2009 @ 10:10 pm
... something about chaos theory ... but i am too tired to look into it

just how perfect is THAT!?!
17 September 2009 @ 09:19 am
my last post was less about the pros and cons of breast feeding but the fact that if a woman decides to go for it there are all sorts of negative reactions against it and in this case especially if the child is breastfed by another woman ...
unfortunatly the link to the show only works within the uk ...
and yes money has been spent on the show but there is so much bullshit on tv - prob enough to feed the world a few times over ...i mean do i need to mentIon shows like 'britains most enbarassing parents'
i am porting this way as i am out and my mobile doesnt do comments

16 September 2009 @ 11:59 pm
i was skipping through channel4.com during dinner to find something to watch and came across a docu about breastfeeding - well specifically about breastfeeding other kids .... the presenter explored various options from family members feeding each others kids ... friends feeding ... wet nurses ... women donating their surplus milk to hospitals to feed premature babies ... a woman going off to war-torn sudan and breastfeeding orphan babies who were starving as they wouldn't accept the artificial milk they were given (she received death threats for that - i mean some people are just so fucking stuckup idiots!) ... a gay couple who buy bottled breast milk for their adopted kids ... to a guy who claims that drinking breast milk has helped him to fight prostate cancer ....
it's hard enough to get accepted for breast feeding - although it is becoming more acceptable in the uk and women are actually accepted to feed in public (well at least london ... most of the time ...) i mean we never had any problems and when i was out with my ex the other day she breastfed her baby in the cafe and there was no problem at all ...
now i know there have been discussions about at how long kids should be breastfed - there was a woman on the program who was still breastfeeding her kids at the age of six ... some people have got a problem with that - we had a discussion at work the other day and it was all 'how can she do that ... it's so wrong!' ... well what's worse - feeding breast milk to a six year old or some mcdonalds junk?? oh and i am sure i mentioned that in my lj before - a child about a year old being given coke ... i mean honestly - what's worse???
and that thing about people making a huge fuss about a child being breastfed by another woman ... i mean nobody has got issues giving babies milk that comes from some mothercow ... or worse some chemical plant .... that's all acceptable but milk from another woman isn't ... sorry but i can't see the logic behind that!at the end there was a bit where they tried to get a group of trendy art gallery people to drink some breast milk and initially it was all 'eek' and 'can't do that' ... while most people at least tried - one bloke (the presenter's husband) was refusing saying he would rather stick with his champagne ... hmmm did i hear anybody mention mouldy grape juice???
as i mentioned before - my daughter was breastfed and i knew it's good for her so no issue there ... and i have tasted breast milk before and it's not disgusting unnatural or anything else

21 August 2009 @ 08:57 pm
A medicine pouch is a very powerful and very personal magical charm. There is no hard and fast list of things for it to contain. All items placed within should be of strong significance to you as a magical and spiritual being. The bag itself can be a leather or fabric pouch that you stitch up yourself or purchase (leather lasts longer). It should be something you are comfortable wearing much of the time and can be as plain or fancy as you like. Once you have your bag, gather together the things you wish to place within. You may only have a few items to start, but medicine bags tend to grow over time. In your sacred space, reflect on each item as you add it to the bag. Consider once more the item’s magical significance to you and the point it represents in your personal growth. When you are done, close the bag securely and begin wearing it with reverence.

..by Winter Wren [cybemoon emporium]
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09 August 2009 @ 09:31 am
my head is in the rain and grey today ... not sad, but most definetly pensive, full of bursting heart and in need of home fires ... touch, cuddles, languor ...

care ...

in this line of thought ...

share with me your strengths. keep it in positives ... open and embraced in my arms ... no fears, just us ... tell me of the magnificent person i know you are. fill me with epic tales of your heroism. embrace me ... wrap me in your beauty.

and i will respond to yours
with mine
in kind

Many thanks to molasses for posting this article in her journal.   I found it be a fascinating read and ended up reading clips (which turned into long quotes... which turned into most of the article!!)  to my husband.   When I mentioned something from the article to an online friend, I realized it obviously needed more discussion... so I'm bringing it to you!

This author is ending her marriage. Isn’t it time you did the same?

So, what do you think?

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01 July 2009 @ 08:45 am
This is ultimately a place for discussion ... not answers or resolution. IF an answer or resolution is found then SELAH!, but I have lots of thoughts that fly around in my head and they like to come out and play ... have a drink and a dance ... but they usually are not looking for a commitment ... just a hook up ...


I like to think and allow my thoughts to wander into places that are not usual topics of conversation and this community is where I encourage it in others. This may be art, a quote, a situation, but more likely just a random idea that interests me. I then wonder what others think about it as it appears that a lot of the things that fascinate me really have no answers because any answer is based on a complex personal interior/exterior perception of the situation/question. I am not attempting to work out my personal life here, I use my personal journal for that, so any question I pose [personally] is for amusement and discovery and discussion. Illuminating thought. Lively conversation.

Now, while our discussion will be often based on our own experience, this community was not intended to be a psychotherapy community, but a place to query ideas, trends, conventions and the evolution of these said things. I'm interested in what everyone has to say and think, without judging [hopefully] anyone's personal space, and not especially in the resolution of that idea. [ Not here anyway! *wink* i would LOVE to find the ultimate answer to everything! heh, it's 43, right?!] Of course, if one finds personal resolution in the discussion, all the better. I find putting my intellect into discussion balances what my heart and gut 'feel' and it does help me toward resolution, but that is not always 'the goal', just a happy byproduct of an enjoyable discussion.

I am an anarchist at heart and I will always challenge the collective world view because, while we are all connected, the majority seems to be WAY off track to me ... and this group, this Vicious Enso, is here to seek some balance in the energetic web that is all of us.

As the Andy Warhol quote says ... "The World fascinates me." ... and as I say ... "so do you."

PS ... BTW, yesterday's discussion was glorious! MUWAH!
30 June 2009 @ 09:17 am
"People fail forward to success."
Mary Kay Ash

thought this morning ... when we have the urge to run from a job, relationship, situation ... what makes us stay? to make it better? why don't we just go as out instinct dictates? why do we fight and is there anything beneficial in prolonging the inevitable?

don't get me wrong ... i do it all the time. but i was just musing about whether it would be more prudent to follow the instinct than to fight.